• What you get – Beautiful wood and stainless steal hip flask. The height is 19.5cm and the diameter is 3.2cm. A lid (your drinking cup) and a funnel (so you don’t waste your precious drink, and save a time with no need to clean). The hip flask has 50ml / 1.7oz capacity and the lid/cup has 25ml / 0.9oz capacity. My whisky hip flask is 100% leak proof.
  • What material is it made of? – The inside part of the flask, cut/lid and funnel are made of the food grade stainless steel with an oak wood sleeve making this flask truly unique and always pleasant to hold.
  • Why we come away from a standard shape? – This flask was designed differently. I started the design with the question, where I want this product to fit or to keep on my journeys? An ideal and a universal shape. Wherever it is your jacket, a backpack, a purse or a car door. The unique shape with a combination of the oak wood also supports comfortable grip in every situation you can encounter on your adventures.
  • What filling is the best? – Any really. Thanks to a food grade stainless steal this hip flask is suitable for anything you desire. From a Whisky, Gin, Tequila, Vodka…. The only limit is your taste and imagination.
  • Care – Hand wash after use and leave to air dry.

Thie premium whisky hip flask for an everyday use, to be filled with your favourite spirit. Whisky, gin, tequila, vodka… what ever you desire. Capacity of 50ml ensures you have enough of your favourite drink for your travels and unique shape allows you to slip the whisky hip flask in an any place you can think of. The real oak wood has a pleasant natural feel and supports the perfect grip every time. The supplied funnel helps you to enjoy every drop of your loved spirit.

Premium Round Oak Whisky Hip Flask with Funnel and Cup Perfect for Man