☠Embossed Insignia & Charm Decor: G'yaaaarrrrrrr, matey... living the life of a pirate requires a bold statement of identity, so this journal comes with a pirate skull and crossbones proudly embossed right on the front of the brown faux leather cover. Adorned with a ship’s wheel and anchor charms, this is the perfect journal for pirates or adventurers of any age.

☠Refillable Pages: A jolly good journal needs to last through a lifetime of adventures, so this pirate journal comes with 75 refillable unlined A6 pages. Once these first 75 pages are filled with adventurous tales of high waves and lost booty from the depths of Davy Jone’s Locker, just refill and start a new adventure with the same high-quality journal wrap.

☠Perfect Size: Spark adventure anywhere with this easy to carry A6 sized faux leather journal. Easy enough to carry on your back during a sword fight or hiding under the covers while writing about pirate treasures after bedtime.

☠Journal or Draw: Ideal for great storytelling, a retelling of the day’s quests, or for drawing beautiful pieces of art, this is the perfect journal for any man, woman, or child. No need to seek adventure when you carry the journal that screams bravery and bounty.

☠Pirates Love Animals: Not whale skin nor cowhide, this journal is not made of real leather products but will last for years with great care and the right story or drawings inside. Though not confirmed, it’s been rumored this journal carries properties known to tap into the imaginations of swashbuckling explorers at any age.

No animals were hurt in the creation of this adventure, so start journaling your own quest in this beautiful A6 format pirate journal. With an embossed pirate skull and crossing swords emblazoned on the front of this faux leather journal, starting an adventurous story or keeping track of each day’s pursuits is exciting. Unlined pages even allow for drawing a treasure map or other artistic venture. Open your mind to a great hero’s journey as you write the tale of the high seas or just the chores you accomplished on any given Tuesday. The world is your oyster, and this is the journal to create the voyage of your dreams. Have no fear, the A6 paper is refillable, so as you master your missions, you can keep your journal intact and simply replace the paper to start anew. Are you up for a quest of a lifetime? This pirate journal adorned with your ship’s wheel and anchor charms just need your (or your child’s) bright imagination to fill the pages with an adventure in the making.

Faux Leather Pirate Journal Seeks Imaginative Writer