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☠ Embossed Insignia & Charm Decor: Arrr, matey! Embrace the life of a pirate with a journal that proudly showcases a skull and crossbones embossed on its brown faux leather cover. Adorned with ship's wheel and anchor charms, this journal is perfect for pirates and adventurers of all ages.


☠ Refillable Pages: A true pirate's journal should endure a lifetime of daring escapades. That's why this pirate journal comes with 75 refillable, unlined A6 pages. Once the first 75 pages are filled with thrilling tales of high waves and lost booty from Davy Jones' Locker, simply refill and embark on a new adventure while maintaining the same high-quality journal wrap.


☠ Perfect Size: Set sail on an adventure anywhere with this conveniently sized A6 faux leather journal. It's easy to carry on your back during a sword fight or hide under the covers while writing about pirate treasures long after bedtime.


☠ Journal or Draw: Whether you're spinning captivating stories, recounting the day's quests, or creating beautiful works of art, this journal is perfect for men, women, and children alike. With this journal in hand, you won't need to search for adventure—it exudes bravery and bounty.


☠ Pirates Love Animals: Rest assured, this journal is not made from whale skin or cowhide. While it's not real leather, it will last for years with proper care and the right stories or drawings within. Though unconfirmed, it's been rumored that this journal possesses the power to ignite the imaginations of swashbuckling explorers of any age.

Faux Leather Pirate Journal Seeks Imaginative Writer