⭐ONE BAR SOAP CONTAINER TO RULE THEM ALL - now this is a bar soap holder that won't let you down!

⭐SAVE YOUR SOAP - Clip it or suction it to the shower wall so you never drop or lose that precious sliver of soap ever again!

⭐WATERPROOF, YET BREATHABLE - Yes, that's a thing! Wet soap won't ooze water onto the rest of your gear, but it will dry naturally. How? Magic. (Or science, could be either)

⭐DRY-BAG STYLE CLIPS - zippers break, drawstrings suck. That's why we've used a dry-bag style fold & clip design.

⭐PERFECT FOR HIKERS, CAMPERS, ADVENTUROUS SHOWERERS - If you're planning on showering in adventurous places, this bar soap holder is perfect for you!


⭐YOU HAVE TWO MINUTES OF LUKEWARM WATER TO CLEAN MILES OF DIRT AND SWEAT OFF YOUR WHOLE BODY...Quick, how fast can you get your soap out and put back away? Where will you put the soap holder? That floor looks questionable at best. Now you've got to pack up your stuff without getting everything else wet and you only have a tiny ultralight towel!


⭐We know how precious a shower is after a long hike, and we know what a hassle it is to carry around an oozing bottle of body wash or a hard plastic soap container. That's why we developed the first of its kind, Bigfoot-approved, thru-hiker tested, backpacker-loved bar soap pouch. This waterproof, yet breathable pouch makes it easy to pack bar soaps (or slivers) of any size and keep the rest of your gear dry...without turning your bar of soap into a bar of sludge.

Bar Soap Travel Bag with Carabiner & Suction Cup Hook | Waterproof, Ultralight,

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